Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Troy: GSoC 2012 Pronunciation Evaluation Week 3

Week 3 accomplishments:

1. Tailored the previous ActionScript/MXML audio recorder to provide only audio recording and playback functionality and began interfaces for interaction with the web site pages using JavaScript. 

2. Discussed database design and schema with the project mentor and continued refining and testing the schema and initial database records.

Plans for Week 4:

1. Fix the database schema for prompts to handle word lists with (possibly multiple) pronunciations and parts of speech, along with a separate text string for phrase display which can include arbitrary punctuation and might not have as clear word boundaries because of that punctuation--such as this phrase in dashes--etc.

2. Create separate registration interface for users who will be uploading exemplar pronunciation recordings.
3. Create an interface to add phrase prompts and mark their words' disambiguated pronunciation and parts of speech.
4. Create the interface to upload exemplar recordings for prompts.

5. Think about game play and refine its schema once the basic features are decided.

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