Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ronanki: GSoC 2012 Pronunciation Evaluation Final week Report

Here comes my final report for Pronunciation Evaluation project. The demo system is little bit modified. You can give a try and test the text-independent system @ http://talknicer.net/~ronanki/test

Last week, I tested the system with both Indian accent and US accent. For US accent, I don't have any mis-pronunciation data. I just tested with SA1, SA2 (TIMIT) sentences. For Indian accent, I prepared a data with both correct pronunciations and mis-pronunciations and can be downloaded at http://talknicer.net/~ronanki/Database.tar.tgz

The results are provided at http://talknicer.net/~ronanki/results/. The scripts for evaluating the database are uploaded in svn project folder. Phonological features are provided in svn, but couldn't built models with it in time.

The project and the required scripts can be downloaded from
Please go through README files provided in each folder.

Finally, I would like to thank my mentor James Salsaman, Nickolay, Biksha Raj and rest of the community for helping me all the time. I hope that I keep contributing to this project over the time. 


  1. Hi. I am really impressed by the work you have done! I would like to be able to set up an educational website and use your technology to enable pronunciation scoring in it.

    I tried to do so by going through the files on the svn repository, but didn't succed. Do you have any plans to create some kind of documentation or to update the wiki at http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/wiki/faq#qhow_to_implement_pronunciation_evaluation ?

  2. Sure, I didn't do proper documentation due to lack of time for coding till the last minute...I will write the documentation by the end of this week and will be provided at svn repository and will try to update at the wiki you mentioned as well.


    1. Thank you very much! You guys did an amazing job =)