Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daily progress reports in comments here

Quick mentor note: We are converting to daily progress reports which I will combine into draft blog posts that the students will proofread, copy-edit, and approve for publication.  This will help keep all three of us on schedule. Sorry I am behind. The good news is that both students made it from "on schedule" to "ahead of schedule" in a sprint for the evaluations.

Congratulations, Troy and Ronanki!

Please post your daily-ish (4 or more per week) progress reports here. Thanks!


  1. I somehow forgot this...let me start from today onwards...!!

  2. Date: 19/07/2012

    Studied about Power Normalized Cepstral Coefficients (PNCC) which are more robust towards speech recognition even in noisy environment. PNCC are 13 in dimension, computationally more cost than MFCC but performs better than MFCC in speech recognition. Got the code, able to run it. Will Compare accuracy on TIMIT database tomorrow !!

  3. Date: 22/07/2012

    Still doing with random phrase pronunciation evaluation @ and testing PNCC on TIMIT database !!

  4. Date: 23/07/2012

    TIMIT statistics are ready !!

    Total 6300 utterances @ 10 utterances from each speaker (Total:630 speakers)
    Successfully aligned files: 6149 out of 6300
    and statistics are derived from those 6149 aligned files:

    Position: 0/1/2 -> begin/middle/end
    Count : Represents number of times each phone occurred

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  6. Date: 25/07/2012

    I completed the random phrase pronunciation evaluation system and is in testing phase @

  7. Date: 29/07/2012

    Completed extracting mfcc, pncc, phonological features